Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Love that Encompasses (Almost) All

Holly left a whisker in my bed.

Not a hair, mind you, a whisker. A spiky, black whisker.

Now, normally, between my own copious amount of hair shedding and that of my pets, I am not one to be grossed out by these sorts of things.

But a lone whisker left in my bed? This was hard for even me to deal with.

I just had to tell someone.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Red Dress

Four times a year, we receive a look book at work that contains sneak peeks of the upcoming collection. Four times a year, I die and have fashion orgasm after fashion orgasm as I boldly proclaim each new collection as the "best ever."

All the fall collection had to do to earn this honor from me was show me the following red dress.

100% silk in a vivacious red with cascading ruffles and delicate gathers, it was love at first sight for this dress and me. Diamonds, loud gold chain link bracelets and my Chanel earrings were all it took to make me feel like a movie star. A skinny black snakeskin belt pulled the look together. Flat sandals kept it casual and comfortable for work. My dress and I started the day out together with my hair looking fabulous:

Unfortunately, my hair did not want to support my role in the movie of my life, and it fell flat immediately upon me stepping outside my house. (Hate you, Georgia humidity.) So I had to pull it up:

I actually ended up not minding the look so much, and have worn it like this several times since then.

The key of course is to maintain just the right size bump in the back.

After all, the bump is all important. Kind of like my red dress.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Neiman Marcus Passion for Fashion challenge

Readers, are you out there? I need you now! (It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I neeeeed you now...)

Please vote for my look that I created using pieces from the Neiman Marcus fall collection. It's a chance to win $5,000! Maybe if you vote for me and you're lucky, I'll pick you as my shopping partner when I go to spend it.

Let me know what I can do to return the favor... Here's the link!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boot Beauty

For a long time, I've wanted a pair of red cowboy boots. Ever since I grew out of the ones I had when I was three, to be exact. Oh, if those boots weren't fabulous. Dark red leather with crisp white stitching and chunky wooden heels that made even my toddler legs look fabulous.

Adult Caroline has been envying Toddler Caroline of those boots for many years since.

So, my mom and I began an extensive search of all surrounding areas for a women's size 7 1/2 red cowboy boot to fit the grown-up me.

One day, she calls and says she's found the perfect pair. I say, "Get 'em!'" with all the enthusiasm of the aforementioned three year old.

We meet. She unveils the boots. They're... horrible. Red, with a variety of orange stitches that seem to be leaping up the boot in flame. My legs and feet immediately begin to burn on contact.

Mom: "Well! There were only three pairs to choose from, and I liked these the best..."

Me: "If this is the best option, then choose none. Always choose none."

The boots go back. However, there's a no return policy, so she decides she'll try again and exchange.

The next pair is firefighter red.

That's all. Solid red. No stitching, no design, just Georgia red with a big black heel. I would have looked like an overenthusiastic alumni fan. And a little manly, too.

The boots don't even make it up the stairs. Right back in the box and back to Mom they go. I wouldn't want to waste the money on a pair of never-to-be-worn boots, after all.

She calls. She's frustrated. I'm frustrated. I sigh in resignation and begin to face my future that seems bleak without red cowboy boots.

In the end, we decided it would be best for me to return the boots to the western wear store myself and choose a pair to use the credit on, red or not.

This is what I found, and while they aren't red, my heart is content. I will continue my search, but in the meantime, I have these to fill the red-cowboy-boot-shaped hole in my heart:

Boots: Corral Vintage, purchased at Horsetown (

I die.

That is all.

Weekend Wear

This was my outfit for a night on the town with my favorite bunch of ladies after a weeklong vacation. I was getting ready to go back to work and wanted to end the week with a stylish bang.

You tell me: Did I succeed?

Dress: Target

Belt: LOFT

Nail polish: OPI Ogre the Top Blue, Shrek collection
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Strikers, found at TJMaxx

I was shocked to find these beauties at Charlotte Russe... So J.Crew! I got the following three cuties as well (2 for $8 bracelets, rings and earrings!):

Forgive me, my powerful Macbook won't let me upload the rotated version of this picture for whatever reason. Aren't those sweet though?! Love.

Hope you're all staying stylish! Till tomorrow...

Doggy demands

"Mom, please stop trying to blog. It's taking your attention off of me and I don't appreciate it."