Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Polka Dots or Spots?

What do you call them? Polkda dots? Or spots? I call them polkda dots, but I've found that some call them spots. Certain men in my life, for instance, which I in turn find very endearing. Either way, I love them. I love them on shirts, on skirts, on dresses... I love them mixed with stripes, which I've previously shared my affinity for as well. The top pictured in the following photo is one of my favorites, and I love to find new ways to mix and match it. Cream with navy "spots," it's lightweight and can be layered in a variety of ways to make cute new looks.

Shirt: LOFT
Open-front cardigan: LOFT
Modern skinny denim leggings, worn cuffed: LOFT
Sandals: Ann Taylor
Belt: LOFT
Watch: Fossil

What do you think of polkda dots? Love 'em? Hate 'em? Get a headache when you see 'em? I want to hear!

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