Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Few Things I'm Thankful for...

It bothers me that this post does not fall into any of my labeled categories, but I will try to put my obsessive compulsive tendencies aside for the sake of Thanksgiving.

The following are just a few of the things that I am thinking of thankfully this holiday season, in no particular order at all...

1. Dance parties - any time, any place:

2. My pink KitchenAid mixer, which has been put to an extraordinary amount of work in the past 24 hours:

3. Diet Coke, because what else would my hand hold?

4. My dysfunctional family, in all of their individual parts:

5. Five-star hotels with concierges who greet you with phrases like, "Oh, nice to see you again Ms. Buttimer" and "These chocolate-covered strawberries are on us, happy birthday" and "Oh, we don't have the room you booked available quite yet, let's just upgrade you to our suite." Le sigh.

6. My besties, for whom I am so lucky:

7. Fashion and all that it inspires:

8. Stink, her Loch Ness Monster tendencies and these paws:

9. Paddington, his health and his never-ending need for both affection and naps:

10. My grandmother, whose hands I love to hold and who is a constant source of guidance and inspiration to me, and who I hope to one day be just like, down to her snowy white hair:

11 (Because 10 would just be too easy). Shoes like these... I realize this last one's a bit shallow, but I do write about fashion, after all. And I AM thankful for my shoes!

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