Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First-Day-of-Work Outfit

....Well, not really my first day of work, three years later. But, it was my first day of being a co-manager, and it required a fabulous outfit! Aka, the following:

I saved this shirt for the big day after I bought it because I loved it so much.

Modern skinny jeans: LOFT (current)
Ruffled woven shirt: LOFT (current)
Tab detail short sleeve open front cardigan: LOFT
Skinny belt: GAP (current)
Necklace (aka one of my favorite things I own): LOFT
Metallic gold ballet flats (not pictured): Steve Madden, found at TJMaxx

This day also happened to "require" a batch of double chocolate chunk muffins, which will not be displayed on this blog, as I may or may not have used a mix and am embarrassed to admit said fact. But everyone loved them, and no one has to know ;-)


  1. Oh that's PERFECT!!! Post the pics of the cookies we made/ate more batter than actually made it to the oven :)

  2. OMG that shirt is sooooo cute. I need to go get it. My style rewards came :) I bet you looked soo precious.
    Miss you Bert!