Monday, May 24, 2010

The Great Shave

As soon as April rolled around, I started talking about getting Holly shaved for the summer. I do this for many reasons, including, but not limited to, the following: her health, in that I do not want her to overheat under all that hair in the Georgia summer, my carpets, my sanity, etc.

So off to the groomer the pups went for baths, grooming, and in Holly's case, a haircut of the most epic proportions.

When I dropped my sweet pet off that morning, she was an animal hidden underneath 10 pounds of fur and adorned with frondy ear hairs and Grinch paws:

When I retrieved her that afternoon, they gave me back a skinny minnie whom they were calling Holly:

I said, "That's not my dog. Please go find the correct pet and bring her to me."

It took a while for the shock to wear off.

Holly, however, has taken quite well to her hair loss and enjoys bouncing around outside and then lounging on the cool hardwood floors that she can now detect.

What a little nugget.

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  1. Ahh!!! Best. Post. Ever. I miss that little nugget of conditional love!