Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Neon, anyone?

Neon can be tricky. I think most people, when confronted with this recent resurrection of in-your-face color, perhaps turn the other cheek for fear of looking like the 80s vomited on their outfit.

However, I feel differently. Now I'm not saying I'm a proponent of those sorority-fraternity parties where college kids spray neon-colored goo on each other and wear light-up necklaces around their necks.

But I do think when done the right way and in a non-goo involving fashion, neon can be a really fun trend to embrace. For example, the following going out outfit is brightened right up with a few pops of yellow and pink neon:

Mixing in a metallic skinny belt seemed like the right thing to do. Correction: Mixing in metallic often seems like the right thing to do. As does mixing in a skinny belt.

Pocket-tee: Express
Pencil skirt: LOFT
Necklace: Express
Skinny belt: LOFT
Shoes: Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret

So my advice to you? Go neon! Even if it's just in an accessory. After all, they're awfully easy to take off if you start to feel too blinded.


  1. more outfits of the day please. like, every day. I still want you to come root around in my closet and tell me what to keep and what to wear and what to buy next. Two and a half years of wearing my (awesomely designed by Richard Tyler) uniform has left me feeling inept at dressing and accessorizing. How much would you charge for that? What can I bribe you with?

  2. That is what I WANT to do! I'll do your closet for free if you promise to pass my business card along to lots of friends. Deal?