Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chartreuse Love

I've got a thing about chartreuse. I completely love it. Some people turn their noses up in disgust at this unique color. I, however, run towards it with open arms.

Therefore, I knew this shirt was a must for me, from the moment I first laid eyes on it. The slightly pre-wrinkled silky material, the gathering, the exposed back zipper... It was calling out to me.

Yesterday, I thought I lost this shirt. I almost died. My heart sprang into my throat as fear grasped at me. You see, I almost never lose anything. That being said, when I do lose something, I lose it good... It's usually gone forever, or until I find it years later in a suitcase I must have neglected to thoroughly unpack.

Needless to say, as you can see that my top is featured in this post, I found it. This experience was a testament to the state of my closet. Not chaos, just completely packed-os. This fashionista's closets are maxed out, and sometimes things blend into one another! Fortunately I didn't freak out for long before my shirt and I were reunited.

Chartreuse silk top: LOFT
Modern skinny denim leggings: LOFT
Mid-heel sandals: LOFT
Pearl necklace: J.Crew Factory

What did YOU wear today?


  1. Adorable, as always. How about coming to my house and dressing me each morning?

  2. I have that same shirt- Love the color!
    Agree with Toni- I need someone to pick my clothes out for me!