Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brinner... The poor girl's dinnertime staple

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a depressing predicament. My roommate moved out, and not only was I left with an empty bedroom, but also a desolate-looking pantry and an even more desolate-looking fridge:

When a friend saw the state of my kitchen, she said, "Caroline, you HAVE to buy groceries. You have more dog food than you do human food!", which was, at the time, a fact. However, having just finished my college career, I am not completely unfamiliar with this territory. I dug around, and after some investigating, found the ingredients to create a breakfast feast. I've found that I almost always have breakfast ingredients in the house: grits, potatoes, eggs, cheese.

I went on to eat breakfast for dinner (more fondly called "brinner") for a week straight. And I didn't mind it a bit.

The Keys to a Delicious Brinner

Cheddar Cheese Grits

I use the kind of grits that come in a pound-sized bag. You take 1/4 cup of raw grits and add 1 cup of water and cook in the microwave for four minutes. Add a handful of cheddar cheese, and it's pure perfection.

Scrambled Eggs

Also easy. Crack 2 large eggs into a bowl and whisk. Add salt and pepper. Grease your skillet and pour eggs into the heated pan. On medium heat, cook until your preferred egg texture. Feel free to add chopped up red and green peppers, and of course, more cheddar cheese.

Hash browns

Take a medium-sized potato and slice longways two or three times. Take these potato fingers and chop into chunks. While chopping, have some olive oil heating in the skillet. Cook potatoes in olive oil for approximately 10 minutes. At this point, salt and pepper the potatoes before adding some water to the pan. This will create a crispy covering on the hash browns. Cover and let cook for another 8 or 9 minutes, or until potatoes are brown and crispy. Heaven.

Prepare for the food coma that will surely ensue. Enjoy! :-)

On another note, it will be a few days before I return, if anyone is following this blog loyally yet. I am going away for the weekend for what I hope will be the most relaxing of weekends. I wish you all the same!


  1. Brinner is so delicious. Especially for those (i.e. you) who don't eat a big breakfast very often in the morning.
    Please funnel some of those cheese grits directly into my mouth ASAP. With lots and lots of salt!! :)

  2. Bertie, please update this blog, it helps me get through the work day.
    I hope my boss/dad does not see this.