Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gifts from a Grateful Client

Earlier this week, I went in to work to find a gift waiting for me on my desk. My store manager had received the gift from the client and left it for me on the desk, with a sticky note attached that passed on the following message:

"Thanks for all the styling help last week, Caroline!"

I opened the bag to find the following:

I imagine you all squinting to see what's pictured here. What is it, you ask?

Sensura Almond Massage Oil and Sparkling Body Moisturizer (edible, of course). Compliments of a sex toy party enthusiast.

I tell you what, being in retail is never boring...


  1. OMG!!! how about a product review?!
    Did i take that too far, bert?!

  2. I TRIED to get her to use the glitter cream but she spazzed out!!! I think the blue would really bring out her eyes... Don't you think!

  3. If I had any readers who weren't you guys, I'd say this was getting too close for comfort...